Looking into Tezos Brest Amendment

What it aims to address?

This is my quick look of recent “Brest” amendment proposal to Tezos blockchain, which was injected and proposed by OCamlPro. Data Proposer “TzScan Baker” tz1LWub69XbTxdatJnBkm7caDQoybSgW4T3s ran by OCamlPro The social announcement https://www.reddit.com/r/tezos/comments/by5xy8/proposal_for_amendment_brest_a/ It calls the proposal “Brest A”. The code with the same announcement https://gitlab.com/tzscan/brest-amendment As of 2019-06-17T04:35:34Z, this is the only one proposed in this Tezos voting period. At a glance As stated by the above announcements, I see 3 modifications between 004_Athens (or just Athens) and 005_Brest (or just Brest): [Read More]