PGOCaml compilation tip

OPAM sandboxing may bite you.

You got a strange build failure of OCaml applications with the error message following?: Unix.Unix_error (20 | CstTag, "connect", "") Yeah, cryptic. But you are not alone. Recently we have experienced this error and took some time to find out the cause. Why it happens? (You can just skip this part.) It was due to OPAM sandboxing in our case. Quite likely your case is the same. OPAM sandboxing compiles softwares in a sandboxed environment where file system is chroot’ed. [Read More]

My old hacks

Too old, likely not working

Most of my hacks are available at BitBucket. Caml hacks My hacks are mainly in OCaml programming language. Some of my stable libraries and applications are available at OPAM repostiory. OCamlSpotter OCaml compiler tool for source code browsing, including definition search and type inspection. Meta-conv Meta conv is a framework over type-conv, which provides an easier way to auto-generate decoder and encoder between OCaml data types and various tree form data such as JSON, XML, Sexp, etc. [Read More]

Some graphic arts by myself

Sorts of art...

OCaml Meeting 2009 in Tokyo Poster (東都大駱駝會) OCaml Meeting 2009 in Tokyo poster by Jun Furuse is licensed under a Creative Commons 表示-非営利-継承 2.1 日本 License. Based on a work from an antique book I bought: 槖駝考 by 堤它山 published in 1824 (文政七年). Camel [Read More]