Most of my hacks are available at BitBucket.

Caml hacks

My hacks are mainly in OCaml programming language. Some of my stable libraries and applications are available at OPAM repostiory.

OCaml compiler tool for source code browsing, including definition search and type inspection.
Meta conv is a framework over type-conv, which provides an easier way to auto-generate decoder and encoder between OCaml data types and various tree form data such as JSON, XML, Sexp, etc.
Meta conv for JSON
A small monadic parser combinator library. Parser LANguage Combinator Kit A LL(n) parser monadic combinator library in OCaml. It is small but could parse OCaml language perfectly.
Emacs mode for OMake -P
OCaml library for manupilating bitmap images
P4 extension for Perl like strings, i.e., "hello $name", /[a-z]+/, `ls *.ml`.
CamlP4 lexer plugin patch
A small patch to plug lexer modifications into CamlP4. Included in ORakuda.
( ゚∀゚)o彡°O’PyCaml
Yet another OCaml-Python interface. It uses OCaml’s structural polymorphism for more type-safety.
OCaml annot patch
A small compiler patch enables automatic .annot and .cmt* annoation file creation. Available as one of OPAM compiler variation.
OCaml compiler extension for non-parametric polymorphism (i.e. overloading)
OCaml compiler extension for dictionary dispatching (i.e. Haskell like overloading)
Server side plug-in infrustructure in OCaml for VALVe source engine games
Japanese friendly OCaml
Offside trap
Extend haskell-indent/haskell-indentation mode for Emacs from per-line basis to block basis.