Looking into Tezos Brest Amendment

What it aims to address?

This is my quick look of recent “Brest” amendment proposal to Tezos blockchain, which was injected and proposed by OCamlPro. Data Proposer “TzScan Baker” tz1LWub69XbTxdatJnBkm7caDQoybSgW4T3s ran by OCamlPro The social announcement https://www.reddit.com/r/tezos/comments/by5xy8/proposal_for_amendment_brest_a/ It calls the proposal “Brest A”. The code with the same announcement https://gitlab.com/tzscan/brest-amendment As of 2019-06-17T04:35:34Z, this is the only one proposed in this Tezos voting period. At a glance As stated by the above announcements, I see 3 modifications between 004_Athens (or just Athens) and 005_Brest (or just Brest): [Read More]

TzScan Open Source: what are missing

Difference from https://tzscan.io

In the last month, we, engineers in Tezos SouthEast Asia, Nine chapters, and DaiLambda, have worked on TzScan OS, the Open Source version of TzScan (the commit hash 5a1cae6b) to provide an easy way to install it and evaluate it. TzScan is a Tezos block explorer developed by OCamlPro. They have their own instance of TzScan at https://tzscan.io/. Let’s call it TzScan Pro. During the installation effort and evaluation of TzScan OS, we have noticed many functionalities of TzScan Pro are missing in TzScan OS. [Read More]

PGOCaml compilation tip

OPAM sandboxing may bite you.

You got a strange build failure of OCaml applications with the error message following?: Unix.Unix_error (20 | CstTag, "connect", "") Yeah, cryptic. But you are not alone. Recently we have experienced this error and took some time to find out the cause. Why it happens? (You can just skip this part.) It was due to OPAM sandboxing in our case. Quite likely your case is the same. OPAM sandboxing compiles softwares in a sandboxed environment where file system is chroot’ed. [Read More]


暗号通貨Tezosについて紹介する日本語の記事がウェブ上で時々見られます。 それらの多くが肯定的にTezosの事を紹介しているので、関わってい [Read More]